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My name is Keith and I live on the beautiful island of Guernsey. I have been interested in amateur radio since I was young. I obtained my class B license in 1979 and operated at first on only the 144Mhz band with a Yaseu FT480 and a 100-watt amplifier and a 14-element beam.

As my interest in radio grew I soon became interested in amateur satellites the first satellites that I ever operated through were Oscar’s 7 and 8 and then on through Oscar’s 10,13 and 40 not forgetting the digital satellites as well.

When not operating via the satellites I can be found on one of the HF bands using VOICE, RTTY, PSK, SSTV or one of the many other digital modes.

The station over the years has grown and now boasts networked PC’s and a number of VHF-SHF rigs and transverters with all the necessary bits and pieces that go with it. We are fortunate to have 1 60-foot tower and 1 25-foot tower to hold up the various beams and dishes etc.

I also run the GB7DXG dxcluster here which serves the Channel Islands.

I look forward to seeing you on one of the many bands or modes available to us.

The Radio Society Of Great Britain has produced this excellent short video showing just a small selection of what can  be achieved in ham radio. Please take a look.

For more information on amateur radio please contact the RSGB in the UK or GARS if you want to find out more about amateur radio in Guernsey.

RSGB https://twitter.com/theRSGB
RSGByouth https://twitter.com/theRSGByouth


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