CC Cluster

This software is written by Lee VE7CC to overcome the shortcomings of the other Dx Cluster packages. These shortcomings include user lockouts, instability, incorrect filtering, unfixed bugs, out of date data, slow response and many other items.

GB7DXG located here in Guernsey runs the latest’s version of CC Cluster.

The connection details required to log on and use the GB7DXG CC Cluster are as follows.


Port number 7373

To connect to a DX Cluster you can use Telnet to have a very basic connection to the DX Cluster. To get the full use of all the feature it is best to connect using your favorite logging software which will also most likely include an inbuilt interface to allowing the logging software to connect tot your chosen DX Cluster or you can use the CC User interface software which make the setting of filters and other settings very easy.

A very useful resource is which has much good information has well as the Telnet directory list for many if not all Dxclusters that are available to radio amateurs.