Satellite QO-100

The geostationary satellite Es’hail-2 carrying amateur radio transponders launched from Kennedy Space Center at 20:46 GMT on Thursday, November 15, 2018 and is now in a geostationary orbit at 25.9° East.

These are the first amateur radio transponders to be put into geostationary orbit and they are expected to link radio amateurs from Brazil to Thailand.

Es’hail-2 carries two Phase 4 amateur radio transponders operating in the 2400 MHz and 10450 MHz bands. A 250 kHz bandwidth linear transponder intended for conventional analogue operations and an 8 MHz bandwidth transponder for experimental digital modulation schemes and DVB amateur television.

The extent of the satellite coverage is shown below.

QO-100 (P4-A) – AMSAT-Deutschland

It is very easy to listen the the voice narrow band transponder traffic by using the BATC web SDR

I have been operating via the QO-100 satellite almost from day one and you can view the online logbook here .